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Nalepo - The Triumph Waters Set (Blue, Gold, and Black)

Nalepo - The Triumph Waters Set (Blue, Gold, and Black)

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Nalepo translates to "successful" in the Maasai language. Just as the blue waters of Kenya's lakes shimmer under the golden sun, framed by dark silhouettes of the majestic terrain, this set epitomizes the beauty of triumph and achievement. The Nalepo set stands for the countless success stories rooted deep in African soil. To wear it is to wear a badge of honor, celebrating every small and big victory of this grand heritage.

By wearing one of these sets, a lady she carries with her the soul, tales, and essence of Africa. Nalepo is handcrafted with intricate details, making it a luxurious addition to any space. Unique with a sense of sophistication and exclusivity, one size fits all.

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