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Mama Shujaa Jewelry

Naserian - The Peaceful Sunset Set (Red, Gold, Black)

Naserian - The Peaceful Sunset Set (Red, Gold, Black)

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Naserian means "peaceful" in the Maasai language. Amidst the Kenyan plains where the sunset casts a golden glow, the land turns a shade of fiery red before it succumbs to the ebony night. This jewelry set embodies the serenity of dusk, the transition from daylight to nighttime, and the peace that cloaks the land. Owning the Naserian set is not just wearing a piece; it’s embracing the tranquility of African evenings. 

Experience the luxurious craftsmanship of the Naserian set. This hand-made collection features intricate gold detailing with a striking contrast of red and black hues, creating a timeless piece of art you'll treasure forever. One size fits all.

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